next underground national union

of the people, by the people, for the people

— Happy Unification Day!

Organizing that next underground national union of the people, by the people, for the people, we are here to eradicate bipartisan and negative-partisan political infighting, government corruption and corporate greed. We labor to empower the community around the centrist ideology of libertarian progressivism, humanitarian traditional conservatism, and rational reasonable respectful peaceful discourse and diverse coexistence.

You’re probably wondering how those words even fit in the same sentence together. I’m probably sounding pretty oxymoronic right now. Open your mind to unlearn what the forces of fear, the lies of Satan’s tongue, have done to wound your heart. Open your heart to accept the ancient and immortal spirit of love that pervades and permeates the universe. Despite the atrocities we have seen, been through, and even perpetuated, remember the moral doctrine and those righteous traditions this progressive liberal nation was founded upon.

Through innovations in technology empowering grass-roots monetary reform, justice reform, immigration reform, healthcare reform, welfare reform, communication and media reform, from the ground up, we will reconcile social equality and opportunity with never-before obtained levels of human equity, prosperity and security for the American people and all of humankind alike. As our seeds grow deep and tall into mighty trees, the restrictive bramble and irritant weeds around us will wither, only to further fertilize our growth. Sic semper tyrannis.

We don’t want to “burn it all down”. We caution against revolts or revolution; the power vacuum left behind revolutions born of chaos or stirred up by emotion always invites and welcomes an array of ever worsening tyrants. Never act from a place of anger or fear; always resist such impulse and reject such reasoning. Love, humility, patience, gratitude, faith, sympathy, charity, temperance, reverence, diligence, perseverance, courage: these are your right weapons. Right makes might. You are never powerless when you accept salvation brought by your spiritual shepherd and warrior. Some may call it their spirit animal, angels, and/or Jesus. When one adopts and embraces a philosophy and manner of behavior which earns respect, then unstoppable armies, of the angelic, saintly, and noble, converge beside and behind the one who sets upon a righteous cause.

No matter your belief or disbelief, your faith or doubts, the fear of an Almighty One is the foundation, the beginning of all knowledge. However, fools will persist stubbornly rejecting wisdom and vehemently despising wise instruction. Proverbs 1:7, my take on it.

Who or whatever we have to thank for the beauty of a sunset or the innocent laughter of a baby, please see that I work only to bring glory to that whichevercreated me, and all of us, alike. Whether or not you believe in an originally animating spirit that sees all events, reads all minds, senses all hearts, sends truth and balance to right all wrongs, and delivers peace and joy for the faithful and kind, I beg you to lend me your love and support, that I might remain vigorous against worrying odds. I implore you to herald this cause. I invite you to keep me honest through your attention and critique, and I theorize that through fellowship and unity behind righteous causes we will multiply our prosperity to abundance sufficient for the maintenance and protection of all living things. I only seek for sustenance, sustainability, the growth of this technology, and the dissemination of this ideology.

I will never commercialize or seek to profit from these works, though I generously invite anyone to derive their own commercial works for profit as they may see fit. I’m all about that BSD/MIT software development movement. Forget all of that ill-conceived commie GNU/GPL nonsense. Communities flourish by the dutifully diligent, voluntary service from diverse and various members, and particularly by those so blessed and genuinely charitable, not by the enforcement of group ideology, uniformity or conformity.

Through the development of open-source software and blockchain-powered networks a peaceful (not “mostly peaceful”; peaceful) revolution is already underway. We are now prepared and ready for our day in the sun, which will rise, after even the darkest of days and coldest of nights. It has been promised to us all.

We abhor the magnitude of inequality in the world today, but whether you’re in poverty or enjoying wealth and abundance, the time has arrived for all of humanity to be lifted and gifted. It has been taught to us that, while the middle class must be strong to maintain a prosperous society, evil hides easiest among those in the middle. Exceptional righteousness is more clearly identified and followed when it comes from the poorest or richest of people. We do not reject the natural order of capitalism. Instead, we reconcile progressivism, socialism, liberalism and conservatism with it.
I will conduct and/or witness this plan to unfold without a single life lost or person starved. I have chosen to dedicate my lifetime and give my own life, if necessary. It begins with a little loud-mouthed mudda fugga like me. Isaiah 6:8. E’ry. Single. Day.
I have seen over the mountaintop, but we cannot stand upon it without a very strong fellowship community. Please join me in sharing a vision of The Coming of The Lord, and bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth, (or something like that). If you feel you are surrounded by chaos and evil, fear and lies, maintain faith that order and good, love and truth, will prevail. However, I may die tonight. So download the source code. (gh:CropCircleSys/nuOS)
On that note: while you’re downloading and compiling, read the spiritual scriptures of your family and community, research the traditions and heritage of your unique ancestry, and download that into your independent open mind and warm heart, as well. Furthermore, seek righteous fellows to commune with as you study, lest you suffer the confusion of the devil as he clouds your eyes, tongue-rapes your ear, slurps out your brain, rots your heart and liquefies your guts.

Refuse fear, guilt and lies. Rather, embrace humble reckoning and atonement. Reject the devil’s foul curse. You have that power. We will all teach one another, using open source technology, to master our own individual digital independence, sovereignty and autonomy. Through the sharing of knowledge, the cultivation of wisdom, diligent effort, and humane fellowship, we will take America and the internet back from giant corporations and big government for we the people of the world.

Each of the domains/brands above are provided to the public, free of charge, free from commitment, supported by participants who ‘mine’ ‘nuggets’ of nuGold for their effort and management of ‘miners’, peer-to-peer permissionless nodes. They are trivial to implement, as nuOS core software includes all such features. We’ve chosen these domains to highlight certain features, highlight our federation capabilities, ease adoption thanks to the short urls with their function readily apparent, and enable another layer of horizontal scaling, both technical and managerial, that we may utilize as we grow. An end-user may run all the above functionality from one domain or a few domains.

Nerds of the world, unite for common cause:
common american ideals of self-governance and self-sufficiency!

In the modern era, borders are dissolving, communities are integrating, and any walls will not hold back the spirit of humanity!

Each of the domains/brands below are provided to the public in the same way as the core services, but supported at the self-selected option of participant nuGold ‘miners’ and ‘foundries’. Each brand below is simply a ‘white-label’ installation of nuOS software which includes the entire feature set, but using specifically chosen features which integrate seamlessly to make that particular service especially effective. Due to the federation capabilities of nuOS, for a third-party to stand up a competing service is trivially easy. We propose these services as especially useful to a healthy society which should benefit from the instantiation of a reference implementation which is free of charge.

Contact me, fellow Earthicans! If you will (or have) Learn(ed) To Code then I really want to eat your brains! If you are ready to Walk Away from establishment puppet politicians and manipulated mainstream media then I’d like to walk together with you.

Fund me, blessed people! If you’re ballin’ or can spare even a dollar, let’s Make America Ball Hard as a Mawlfugga Again! You want the steak? (stake.) I’ll take potatoes!

Copyright 2020 Charles Jacob Milios